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Tiger Eye

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  • 12mm Tiger Eye.

Golden Tiger's eye is a very protective stone. It has powerful, dynamic energy with a watchful quality to it. This is a powerful stone that helps you to release fear and anxiety and aids harmony and balance.

It helps the wearer make decisions with discernment and understanding, unclouded by your emotions. It is an excellent gemstone that will prevent you from becoming extreme. This stone increases your energy levels and physical strength.

Golden Tiger's Eye is a gemstone that sees the essence of things intuitively. It will help you to find clear answers. It also supports acquiring opportunities and leads to success.

It is believed that the gemstone increases in power according to the wearer’s effort and hard work.

In terms of colour, the Golden Tiger’s Eye is brighter than the normal Tiger’s Eye. In terms of supplies, the Golden Tiger's Eye is rarer that the general Yellow Tiger's Eye, therefore the price is higher as well.

This stone is perfect for people who constantly need to acquire business leads. It is believed to bring forth potential and quality customers to the wearer. It is a gemstone that opens the door of success.

This stone is beneficial for those who wish to improve their career in a leadership position or as a speaker, supervisor or project leader.




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